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Industrial Revolution - 4.0 Web Applications

Exceptional features

Design Faster | Collaborate Better | Very Intuitive
Easy to Use Best UX/UI | Interactive Prototyping
Scalable Design Systems | Cutting Edge Technologies


Unique Layout

Designers use whimsical navigation to help visitors explore the place with many tantalizing micro-interactions.

Responsive Design

A robust, multipurpose template built with modularity at the core and dynamic changes to the appearance.


Build a fully featured scalable Back-End with Micro-Services Architecture enabled with AI, ML & Blockchain.


About Us

Who We Are?

T-Machine Software Solutions, a subsidiary of the Mecton Group is an integrated IT firm providing full spectrum of software solutions to wide-range of companies from SME’s to corporate giants. We are a team of inquisitive web architects who are passionate about creating modernistic web applications that exhibits brands in good light. With a collaborative culture and a roaster of talent we are a creative team that’s endlessly interested in What’s Next in the field of Web Design & Web Development.

What We Do?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is expected to transform the way we live, work and converse.It is likely to change the things we value and the way we value them in the future. IR 4.0 converges Information Technology andOperational Technology, to create a cyber-physical environment which has led to emergence of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud computing and Block chain. At T-machine we develop products based on these technologies to meet the requirements of our customers. We provide state of the art web applications and mobile applications.


Our R&D Work

IR-4.0 Technologies

The 4th Industrial Revolution (also Industry 4.0) is the automation of existing industry standards using modern smart technology and are integrated for improved communication, versatile data storage/retrieval and production of machines that can diagnose issues without the human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

The Product which doesn't have AI and Machine Learning cannot sustain in Industry 4.0. All our products will have the support of AI & ML.

Blockchain Technology

Research in Web 3.0 supported Blockchain Applications for which our solutions would solve most of the Record Management securely.

Big Data

Our applications apply Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the respective industrial environment, Offering a structured Big Data platform.

Internet of Things

A traffic CCTV camera to monitor the streets for congestion & emergencies, in which our focus is to develop AI Solution through Cloud Data.


Our Team

Latest News

Creativity at its best

Our potential, dynamic and passionate engineers drive the company and the product to the world-class platform. Our team of creative thinkers, think outside the box and explore new opportunities.

Latest News


Our team with diversified skill set bring to the table a competitive advantagethat helps us relish better productivity, reduced costs, greater profitability, and many other benefits.

Latest News

Work-life balance

We have sociable working environment where employees feel at home while they are working. Our employees are not just accountable to work on their tasks but also to inculcate the feelings of happiness and togetherness. We believe in a work culture where an individual has the ability and willingness to sacrifice their own comfort for the greater good of the team.

Latest News

Passionate team - Our strength

Passionate Employees are the vital resources in anyindustry. We highly value our people and their efforts. Digital Capstone and performance management ensures providing an environment to develop their skills and offers them a rewarding career.

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Connect With Us

T-Machine Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Premise of Mecton Training and Technical Services
280, 2nd Floor, Ring Road Housing Sector,
Near Madhavaram Bus Station, Madhavaram,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600060.

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